PepperBall recently announced the company’s less lethal launcher, the TCP, is available for civilian purchase. The compact CO2- or nitrogen-powered device fires a variety of less-lethal rounds.

The pistol-type device measures 7.5 inches overall and weighs approximately 21 ounces. The device’s magazine holds six rounds overall.

“It is designed to be a versatile option for personal defense situations and law enforcement or military tactical applications,” said a PepperBall release.

The non-lethal launcher fires both the standard PepperBall round and VXR projectiles. While the round projectiles deliver accuracy out to 60 feet, the extended-range VXR projectiles provide direct hit accuracy out to 150 feet. Meanwhile, the launcher provides accuracy at even greater range when deploying PepperBalls to saturate an area with PAVA powder, according to PepperBall.

Because power for all projectiles comes from CO2 or nitrogen, the less-lethal launcher maintains the ability to function in extremely cold weather conditions. Better still, the semi-automatic launcher fits in an open-top holster sold separately by PepperBall.

The PepperBall TCP Consumer Kit comes with one launcher and two universal magazines that feed both round and VXR projectiles. Finally, a hard case completes a package that retails for $399.99. Additionally, PepperBall offers refill kits for both round and VXR projectiles to civilian consumers as well.

PepperBall TCP Specifications

  • Overall Length: 8 inches
  • Height: 6.5 inches
  • Overall Weight: 1.71 pounds
  • Caliber: .68
  • Action: Semi-auto
  • Power: 8g CO2/1.3gN2

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