Liberty Suppressors Cosmic .45-Caliber Silencer

Liberty Suppressors is one of those names you’re going to start hearing more and more when it comes to silencing your firearm.

The company recently announced the release of its latest silencer design: The Cosmic 45 caliber multipurpose silencer.

The Cosmic is the next evolution in pistol silencer design, utilizing groundbreaking baffle technology along with the most durable materials.

With a core of stainless steel, titanium tube, and a weight of only 9.5 ounces, the Cosmic is light but built to handle even the toughest of pistol rounds.

The Cosmic shares the same footprint as Liberty’s popular Mystic X silencer. This allows full backwards compatibility with Liberty’s legacy mounting solutions for the Mystic program and opens many new doors at the same time, without having to increase the footprint of the silencer.

The Cosmic is rated for everything from 22LR up to 454 Casull in pistol calibers plus several carbine calibers as well.

The Cosmic retails for $799 and is available now.

For more information on the Cosmic silencer and other products from Liberty Suppressors, please visit

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