We often hear the slogan, “One size fits all.” When it comes to tools in our trade, administrators love it because it means you only need to buy one piece of equipment, versus a spectrum of mission specific items. A common example is less-lethal munition with the 12 gauge round being one of the most prolific. It already works in equipment we know how to use, so any new training is minimal.

Several manufacturers have some type of less-lethal bag round that works anywhere from 20 feet to 20 yards. As a result, we have tailored our training in most cases to keep our deployments within those ranges. Then again since we all know Murphy’s Law always makes an appearance when the crap hits the fan, what do we do? We adapt and do the best with the tools we have.

Now I’ll pose a couple of questions. If you need to pound in a nail, do you use a screwdriver? Or if you need to cut a board, do you use a chisel? Of course you don’t. If that’s the way we approach something with as little liability as woodworking, shouldn’t we use the same approach when it comes to something as important as law enforcement’s use of force – specifically, less-lethal force.

Well, the people at Lightfield Less Lethal Research have taken this thoughtful approach. Lightfield’s line of less-lethal munitions is made for specific distances, making them more effective for each specific mission. How many less-lethal rounds fail to effectively stop a suspect because the munitions used just weren’t up to the task? When you buy the one-size-fits-all gadget, you have to know that they are made to work within as broad a spectrum as they can get one load to work. When you are at the extreme ends of that spectrum, performance may suffer.

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We often hear the slogan, “One size fits all.” When it comes to tools…