EoTech’ss new Extreme EXPS3 will make it to the retailers in a few weeks. Using the Model 123’s batteries this adds the quick release lever and controls on the side to accommodate easy operation with the G23 magnifier. Manufactured to the usual rugged and reliable standards of EoTech. l-3Com.cpm/eos

FNH USA has introduced the next evolution in the FNP .45 ACP Pistol. Using the same internals as the Tactical it adds the ability to install a Trijicon red dot. It comes equipped with a fiber optic front sight and dark rear sight, often the first choice for competitors today. The heritage of the tactical in a package you can take to any competition.

CZ-USA has introduced a new .22 caliber rifle that will be one of the most versatile out there. Eventually designed to have interchangeable barrels for .22LR and 22Magnum it has an action designed from the ground up as .22 caliber rifle.


SOG Specialty Knives has introduced the new Sogzilla folding knife. It is fast, dual directional, and built withe steel liners. It is a “new species” so don’t get caught alone! In the tradition of large and strong knives they also have the Creed, now “That’s a knife!”

Stag arms has entered the piston driven rifle market with an exiting new product. The Stag Arms Model 8 utilizes a short stroke piston system with a one piece bolt carrier. This allows for less gas in the action and a cleaner running rifle. With a retail under $1,150 it is a great rifle at a fantastic price.

Todd Swank with Voo Doo Tactical is not only a decorated police officer but a National and World Sniper Champion. Having competed against him on a couple of occasions I can attest to his skill and expertise. Todd has designed what may be the perfect sniper drag bag, the Premium Deluxe Shooters mat has all you need to operate or complete. Everything is in its place and put there by an actual shooter. All of this at a retail price of only $149 so it does not even break the bank!

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EoTech'ss new Extreme EXPS3 will make it to the retailers in a few weeks. Using…