LMT Defense Precision Aiming Laser PAL

LMT Defense’s Precision Aiming Laser (PAL), the company’s first product from its new Electro-Optic Division, is now shipping in infrared.

The PAL infrared laser was initially developed for broad military customer adoption and has the cleanest and tightest laser beam on the market and uses the least amount of power.

Designed as a carbine length laser device at 400M, the laser offers almost no diffusion and therefore is only visible to those close to the start or end of the beam.

Made of space age aluminum the body of the laser is smaller and lighter than other lasers, while offering a more rugged and stronger body design. The latest generation of lasers also has a waterproof depth up to 30M below water, the deepest of any laser on the market.

The PAL has five settings, including; off, low remote, low, high remote and high. This enables a user to choose a lower setting or high setting in both constant on or on remote tether. The PAL includes the best signal connection on the market and is free float 360 degrees to reduce any hang hazards or entanglements.

LMT Defense has also announced a commercial version of the same laser that has a lower power setting as required by federal law, and will be adding models in both red visible and green visible later in the year. The PAL with this lower setting makes the laser ITAR safe as well as commercially viable. The commercial variant still has the same space age aluminum body design and clean laser beam image. The laser also has the same tether and touch pad for remote operation.

The LMT PAL 5 (5mW) exclusively for LE/Military users will retail for $699. The LMT PAL 1 (1mW) for commercial customers will retail for $549.

For more information on the Precision Aiming Laser please visit LewisMachine.net.

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