I Love My Glock Kydex Trigger Guards
I Love My Glock Kydex Trigger Guards

New for 2014, I Love My Glock is introducing Kydex Trigger Guards. The perfect secure solution for those who want to travel without a holster, these trigger guards are compatible with all Glock models 17-41 Gen1-4. The trigger guards have a Kydex construction and a superior 550 Para cord Lanyard for durability. To use this product, simply slip the trigger guard over the trigger of the pistol. These are perfect for concealed carry inside of the waistband without using a holster or belt.

The Kydex Trigger Guards manufactured by I Love My Glock are designed in such a way that they do not impede the user’s draw. Instead, they actually improve speed and ease of the draw when compared to conventional holsters. The lanyard loops around the belt or belt loop. When the pistol is drawn, the trigger guard quickly slips off, allowing the user to be ready for any situation. This unique product is the only MIC style holster which does not add any width when installed on a pistol. It’s also one of the few holsters which uses a high quality 550 para cord. This product, as with any product manufactured by I Love My Glock, comes with a lifetime warranty and a no-questions-asked return policy. Manufacturer suggested retail price for this product is $22.99.

I Love My Glock is an Illinois-based company which specializes in manufacturing and distributing premium Glock Parts and accessories, such as handles, barrels, magazines, sight systems, and much more. For more information about Kydex Trigger Guards and other products offered by I Love My Glock, please visit www.ilovemyglock.com

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