LSC Manufacturing K Flats
LSC Manufacturing's 9mm K Flats Are Built to Last

LSC Manufacturing’s long-lasting 9mm K Flats were created to transform your pile of parts to a functioning firearm.

All K Flats come standard with the LSC weld kit.

The LSC K Flats are fully formed spin pre-curved to allow proper specification to be achieved by home builders and professionals alike.

With its squared and trued rails, the rails of the K Flat will not round or bow when using the approved jig.

There’s no need to locate or tap holes with the LSC K Flat, as they are all existing and ready to accept LSC rivets (the case deflect has no holes because some choose to weld them in place). Location holes are provided on each flat to allow easy centering and stabilization while being folded.

Each flat is carefully formed using high-strength ordinance steel.

The flat is designed to be a plug and play solution for builders of any level.

According to LCS Manufacturing, its flats are the highest quality available on the market. They are compatible with 9mm parts from Heckler and Koch, Bobcat Weapons, Coharie arms, Vector arms, Special Weapons and POF.

The 9mm K Flat and Weld-Up Kit retails for $249.95 and begins shipping Dec. 1, 2014.

For more information on the 9mm K Flat and Weld-Up Kit and other products from LSC Manufacturing, please visit

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