LUCID L7 1-6x24 Rifle Scope

LUCID Optics takes feedback from its customers seriously. Combine that with the feedback it get from tactical operators around the country, and you have quite a product.

Enter the LUCID L7 1-6×24 rifle scope.

With the implementation of the proven glass etched P7 reticle, this optic is ideally suited for the AR platform for use in short to medium range applications with most any caliber.

Packed with a ton of well thought-out features, the performance profile of the LUCID L7 truly exceeded expectations with edge-to-edge sharp, crisp image resolution through the entire magnification range.

The eye of the relief is generous and forgiving providing a clean and expansive field of view even under less than ideal shooting positions.

In close quarters, the operator will enjoy a true 1x, no magnification sighting image presentation allowing the LUCID L7 to be run with both eyes open increasing the situational awareness. With an ocular focus and a reticle illumination in the calming LUCID blue, the target acquisition has never been easier in any light condition.

Built on a very durable 30mm aircraft grade one-piece tube construction, the 1-6×24 is built to take the abuse of a serious operator and ask for more.

The windage and elevation turrets offer 60MOA either side of optical center set with LUCID’s easy to use lift, adjust, press down to lock design that is highly accurate and durable with re-zeroable turrets.

The 1-6×24 offers an operator selectable magnification lever for fast changes to the zoom function.

For more information on the L7 1-6×24 and other products form LUDIC Optics, please visit

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