Lyman Products creates some of the most innovative gear to make shooting more enjoyable, whether it’s plinking on the range with rimfires or practicing for a law enforcement deployment.

For 2016, Lyman has introduced its new Auto-Advance Target Stand. Now when you’re at the range you won’t have to wait for a cease-fire to walk down to the end of the range, replace your target, and walk all the way back.

The rimfire-rated Auto-Advance Target Stand allows you to push a button on a remote control, advancing the target roll to a new target. Each target roll is 50 feet long, and Lyman is offering several target styles—varmint, silhouette, small-bore rifle and pistol—to load into the target stand.

These rolls are easy to replace, and the motor on the bottom rotates the targets via AA batteries. The remote control is powered by a 9-volt battery.

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