Lyman Products has released a series of four Ston camo patterns for the M4 Ruger 10/22 stock and Takedown models.

The patterns include Ston Coyote, Ston Moss, Ston Lava and Ston Cobalt.

Ston, the original, multi-terrain camo pattern, features a multitude of colors and earth tones found in every region — from high-desert to lush marsh areas.

Variable depth and realistic natural elements combine to make this pattern an ideal option for concealment everywhere. By simply changing the base color, these new ADTAC stocks offer customized colors to fit every shooters’ personal style.

These stocks include all the features of Lyman’s other camo and black versions: removable barrel insert for standard or bull barrels, reversible Picatinny rail concealed in forend, adjustable butt stock with storage compartments for extra magazines, and a pistol grip designed to house the Monopod accessory.

The Takedown models include all of the same features, except removable barrel insert, plus they can be taken apart to easily fit into the factory carrying case.

For more information on the Ston camo patterns and other products from Lyman, please visit

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