Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit

If you are just getting started handloading your ammunition, you may be confused or a little daunted by the number of specialty tools you’ll need to acquire. Fortunately, Lyman has come up with its Ultimate Case Prep Kit, which provides handloaders with all of the necessary case prep tools in one handy, organized storage case. Everything you need to process cases for getting the most accuracy possible is included.

Within the Ultimate Case Prep Kit you will get an E-Zee Case Gauge that instantly checks the maximum case length for 51 different cartridges from .380 ACP to .458 Winchester Magnum; a Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller with two collets; an extra-large inside and outside deburring tool; an outside chamfer tool; a flash hole uniformer; a VLD chamfer tool; a small primer pocket reamer; a large primer pocket reamer; large and small primer pocket uniformers; large and small primer pocket cleaners; nylon case neck brushes in .25, .30, .38 and .45 calibers plus a handle and a vial of dry case neck lube.

The storage case is compartmentalized to hold the tools neatly and keeps these otherwise easy-to-misplace tools in one place. The handles for the tools are flexible polymer, which lessens hand fatigue when you are working on several hundred cases.

For more information on the Ultimate Case Prep Kit and other products from Lyman, please visit or call 800-225-9626.

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