M-Pro 7 Tactical’s new M-Pro 7 Copper Removal System is a revolutionary new “systems approach” to copper and carbon fouling. This M-Pro 7 technology etches copper up to four times faster than ammonia-based products.

Traditional copper removers with ammonia have a slow etch rate because they cannot remove carbon residue trapped between layers of copper fouling. The new M-Pro 7 Copper Removal System quickly and thoroughly eliminates both carbon and copper fouling, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate weapon.

Ammonia is also toxic to humans and can be corrosive to weapons. This chemical leaves behind crystals that can attract water, swell and cause microscopic stress fractures and rust in the bore. M-Pro 7 Copper Remover replaces this toxin with a powerful yet safe formula that actually protects bore steel.

The M-Pro 7 Tactical Copper Removal System is odor-free, non-toxic, non-flammable and commercially transportable world-wide.

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