In the upcoming July 2014 issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER, author Bob Shell reviews the new MagnetoSpeed chronograph. Shell writes, “I recently came across a unit that is well ahead of the conventional units out there. It’s called the MagnetoSpeed, and it is very different than anything out there that I am aware of. This chronograph mounts on the barrel of your gun with various spacers so you don’t accidently shoot the unit. The company claims it will work in any lighting condition because the MagnetoSpeed uses magnetic sensor technology, which eliminates the need for lighting altogether. There are a couple of magnets along the sensor. After the bullet passes over the magnets, the velocity information is transferred to the computer unit.

“Since this is a completely new system, it took me a little time to get it set up. The sensor, which is called a ‘bayonet’ because of how it looks, is attached to the gun by a strap with spacers, which varies from gun to gun. You also have to make sure that the Magneto- Speed bayonet is out of the line of fire to prevent shooting it. The unit comes with a tool to help to prevent any mishaps along those lines—it shows that the bayonet is out of the line of fire. The bullet travels very close to the sensor to obtain the readings. It does take some time to hook the sensor up to a gun, but once you get used to it, the process moves along a little faster. You can also remove the bolt and look down the barrel to make sure the bayonet isn’t in the line of fire.”

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