Texas-based Magpul has announced plans to offer their popular GEN M3 PMAG in Medium Coyote Tan. This new variant will start shipping out in February of next year. It isn’t even listed on Magpul’s website yet.

As Soldier Systems point out, these mags were previously only offered in Black, and the U.S. Army just completed an extensive evaluation of the GEN M3 PMAG. It passed with flying colors. The reason for this color specifically, Soldier Systems says, is that the U.S. Army has a requirement for a “Small Arms Weapons Netural” set of colors. This mag is designed to meet that standard.

Check out the official announcement from Magpul, along with a video announcing the new color for the GEN M3 PMAG.

Introducing the MCT (Medium Coyote Tan) material for the GEN M3 PMAG. While we were at it, we thought we’d have some fun with the “War Department” format and revisit the features common to the entire GEN M3 line. MAG556-MCT and MAG557-MCT now in production, shipping commercially in Feb 2017.

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