Showing no signs of slowing down, Magpul continues their run of product announcements with the unveiling of their M-LOK rail attachment system, brand new for 2014. A video which offers a closer look at this system can be seen below.

Magpul’s M-LOK system provides a simple way (direct attachment) to hard mount accessories to rails. It is the next step in the design evolution that began with the MOE slot system. The M-LOK, or Modular Lock system, features a longer slot and squared sides. Using M-LOK, accessories can be mounted directly from the front face of the slot. The M-LOK includes recoil mitigation lugs on all four sides which provide support to accessories.

This system also features a cammed T-Nut. According to the product release, “Simply adjust the gap between the T-Nut and accessory to match the thickness of the mounting surface, align the T-Nuts with the slot, and insert in the desired location. An initial 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 turn of the screw for each T-Nut rotates the nut into engagement and then you may tighten normally.”

An open-source platform, M-LOK is compatible with accessories from all manufacturers. According to Soldier Systems, a list of participating manufacturers includes ArmaLite, Troy, Geissele, Diamondhead, ARES, Primary Weapons System, JP Enterprises and many more.

Features: Magpul M-LOK Attachment System

  • DIRECT MOUNT CAPABILITY: No access to back side of rail required
  • 4-AXIS RECOIL MITIGATION LUGS: At every increment, accessories are supported by lugs on all four sides
  • ADJUSTS EVENLY: In 1/2 slot increments for precise accessory placement
  • MULTI-DIRECTIONAL MOUNTING: Accessories can mount with either end facing forward
  • #10 MOUNTING SCREW: For greater strength and fewer stripped screw heads
  • OPTIMIZED FOR BOTH METAL & POLYMER: Easy to manufacture plus stronger and more secure
  • CUSTOM, SELF-ALIGNING T-NUT: Strong, inexpensive, and easy to use
  • BACKWARDS MOE COMPATIBILITY: Most accessories fit with appropriate adapter plate

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