Magpul products rarely need improvement, but the manufacturer has taken its MS1 Sling and added something nice for shooters.

The newly released MS1 Padded Sling features an enhanced foam insert for added comfort.

Unique in construction, the MS1 Padded Sling combines comfort and function without the bulk of traditional padded slings. Utilizing a custom-woven variable-width tubular webbing, the Padded Sling provides a 2-inch padded section that seamlessly narrows to 1.25 inches, with the same adjustment as the already proven MS1 sling.

Inside the webbing is a ripstop-laminated enhanced foam pad that cannot roll, twist or bunch while providing comfort and support for heavier weapons or extended periods with the weapon slung.

By removing the structural stitching required on traditional padded slings, Magpul has reduced failure points, increased strength, and improved comfort and function.

Compatible with all MS1/MS3/MS4 accessories, the MS1 Padded Sling provides an unparalleled padded sling solution.

The MS1 Padded Sling retails for $59.95 and is available now.

For more information on the MS1 Padded Sling and other products from Magpul, please visit

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