The hype around Magpul’s PMAG D-60 drum magazine is very real and much-deserved. For those who have bought into the hype, the magazine is now shipping.

The PMAG D-60 is a durable, lightweight, highly reliable 60-round 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington polymer drum magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons.

With a larger capacity than previous PMAGs, the PMAG D-60 gives the shooter 60 rounds of ammunition, effectively allowing the same round count as two standard capacity 30-round magazines without requiring a critical reload.

The unique drum configuration keeps the height of the magazine manageable, as well allowing for prone firing and easier storage.

Features include an easy-to-use loading lever, paint pen dot matrix for easy marking, and a rear window for instant capacity indication. The PMAG D-60 is compatible with a wide range of NATO firearms such as the M4, M16, SCAR MK16/16S, HK416, MR556, M27 IAR, and others.

The PMAG D-60 retails for $129.95 and is available now.

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