For 2015, Magpul has released several upgrades for AK’s. First up is the MOE AK series, which includes a fixed, reinforced-polymer buttstock with a top storage compartment and sling-mounting points. This stock works perfect with Magpul’s MOE AK grip. The MOE handguard, also made of reinforced polymer, features accessories-mounting slots, ridges for better traction and a vented cover that goes over the gas tube.

Magpul’s new Zhukov line features a durable AK handguard with a full-length aluminum chassis and the company’s new M-LOK slots for attaching accessories like lights and lasers. The Zhukov handguard is longer than many aftermarket AK handguards currently available to accommodate modern, recoil-reducing shooting techniques. This handguard also includes a vented gas tube cover, and it should fit AK, AKM and AK-74 rifles with standard-length gas systems.

The Zhukov-S stock folds to the right side and features a wedge block attachment. Like the fixed MOE AK stock, the Zhukov-S fits stamped receivers and comes with a non-slip buttpad. Customers can also order cheek risers to get the perfect cheekweld, and the length of pull is adjustable. Finally, the Zhukov-S buttstock features an integral front QD sling cup, and a rear QD clip is optional.

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