Say you’re ready to “bug out” due to a natural disaster in your hometown, or maybe you’re heading to the gun range for a day of firearms training or trekking to a backcountry deer hunt—an open truck bed is simply asking for big trouble. Unprotected cased guns (whether locked or not) and related survival or hunting gear can and will grow legs!


Sure, you can buy a relatively inexpensive soft-sided tonneau cover, but what makes you think a thief won’t have a tool that can slice through it as if it was butter? For less than $1,000 (installed—see video below), you can have a custom, lockable, fiberglass A.R.E. tonneau that will serve your needs when you’re away from your rig, yet be removed in minutes when you need to ride with “full-bed” access. For more on A.R.E.’s complete line of caps, covers and after-market accessories to help secure your ride and your lifestyle, watch the video and also visit







Check out this pair of personal protection products that can pick up their share of duty when on or in your pickup:



BOLT LOCKS: Simplifying your travel security measures can help you stay focused on big-picture stuff in life—like situational awareness. The BOLT Series of locks allow users to set all of their truck, trailer, work-box and equipment locks to work with the vehicle’s ignition key. One key, multiple locks—it doesn’t get any more simplified than that. BOLT Locks are made by STRATTEC, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks and keys. STRATTEC is the main OEM lock supplier for Ford, GM and Chrysler, but they make after-market locks to work on most popular vehicle brands. BOLT Lock products currently available include: Padlock 2.0, Receiver Locks (5/8- and 1/2-inch toolbox latch, cable lock, trailer spare tire and lock cylinder. Breaking news for Nissan and Toyota owners, now there are BOLT Locks for you! For pricing and ordering information, visit


GERBER GO BAG: My truck, for better or worse, is like my second home. And like my home, there’s just about everything I could possibly need to get by on. One new way to store those personal-protection essentials is with Gerber’s new GO Bag. It’ll set you back about $274, but this is one of those prices one should pay when considering that the GO Bag could save your bacon one S.H.T.F. day.


The Gerber GO Bag combines the design of a black Maxpedition Mongo Versipack satchel bag with MOLLE mounted Gerber gear, which Gerber bills as “An unstoppable collection of tactical gear to keep you ready for whatever is thrown your way.” The ergonomic bag stows neatly under the back seat of my 4-door truck. What’s inside is what counts (and you can always add stuff that’s more specific to your personal needs). As is, the GO includes a Gerber MP600-ST (Sight Tool)—a real problem-solver multi-tool for AR-15 shooters, 4-ounce bottle of Frog Lube CLP, Recon Task Light, EZ-Out DPSF light-carry folder, rite in the rain notepad, metal water bottle and a pocket reference guide.

To check out more, visit or call 800-950-6161.

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