Maklarbak TTC-MAG R6 np
Maklarbak's 5.56-Fit TTC-MAG R6 Is a 'Smart Mag'

Maklarbak says its new “smart mag,” the TTC-MAG R6, is “a milestone of innovation.”

The R6’s TTC-Follower locks the bolt open when one round is left in the mag. The shooter will have to retrain their emergency reload, whereas all other procedures and handling remains as standard.

For competition shooting, however, this will result in a much faster and motion efficient emergency reload. Whereas the fact that one round remains chambered even when emergency reloading, has obvious safety advantages for home defense, military and law enforcement applications.

Whenever you have a bolt lock, you will have one round left. The shooter must then drop bolt on the last round in the mag, drop the now-empty mag, and find and insert a new mag. The round from the empty mag is already chambered so the shooter can immediately return fire when needed.

The TTC-MAG R6 retails for $21.99.

For more information on the TTC-MAG R6 and other products from Maklarbak, please visit

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