Manta Suppressor Cover w/ Manta Rails
Manta Suppressor Cover w/ Manta Rails

The Manta Suppressor Cover will resist the extreme heat generated from suppressors; thus, protecting operators and gear from accidental burns while helping to reduce mirage and IR signature. Cover segments can interface together and can be cut to length for a custom fit.

The Manta Suppressor Cover will not melt! Manta has refined their designs and materials through years of testing, bringing a product to market unlike anything else. Roots in the Military market has enabled Manta to create products to solve heat issues that have plagued other weapon platforms such as the Browning M2 machine gun barrel. Currently, Manta offers covers for suppressors that are 1.5 inches in diameter, a cover for the .50 caliber Barrett M107A1 suppressor and a barrel cover for the M2 Machine gun. Manta plans to introduce multiple variations over the next several months to interface with the most popular suppressor sizes.

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