Manta TAC-Wrap

Manta introduced itself to the firearms community in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. The manufacturer is constantly innovating new products to solve problems with various weapon systems.

The all new Manta TAC-Wrap is designed to fit around rifle forends that only feature a top rail. This creates a lot profile, heat mitigating, rubber like gripping surface.

The TAC-Wrap’s flexible material will stretch and conform around the contours of any rifle.

TAC-Wrap is perfect for Key-Mod, M-Lock or any forend that accepts bolt on rail sections.

Simply install the attachment hardware to your top rail and cover your forend, no matter what profile shape it may feature.

The MantaTAC-Wrap is available in three colors: tan, OD green and black.

For more information on the TAC-Wrap and other products from Manta, please visit

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