Maxim Defense’s pride and joy for 2016 is the company’s new kind of PDW stock: The CQB Stock.

At its most collapsed position, the CQB Stock adds less than 5.5 inches to the user’s AR-15. But what good is a compact stock if you can’t shoot it comfortably? At full extension, the Maxim stock is the length of a standard carbine stock when extended. And with four total positions, users can adjust for maximum comfort and multiple scenarios.

By using an exclusive cut down JP Silent Capture Spring, users can not only break open their rifle in normal fashion, but they can also use your own bolt carrier group. The Maxim stock is also compatible with most direct impingement and piston AR rifles.

The CQB Stock retails for $435 and is available now.

For more information on the CQB Stock and other products from Maxim Defense, please visit

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