With estimates between 40,000 and 50,000 rifles returning to duty, many manufacturing companies are making products to improve the warhorse or bring her into the 21st century. McCann Industries does just that, with their Carbon Fiber Rifle Stock. This is true carbon fiber, not chopped or carbon fiber- fiberglass blends, but carbon fiber and resin only. The McCann Industries Carbon Fiber Rifle Stock incorporates a four-position accessory rail system along with optional grip and buttstock assemblies allowing the M14 to use many of the devices available to the M4 and its SOPMOD variants.

The McCann Industries Carbon Fiber Rifle Stock utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring the venerable M14 into today’s battlefield with the accessories and configurations similar to the M4. The CFRS allows the individual to configure the rifle to meet mission requirement and operator comfort. Fixed or telescoping buttstocks, lasers, vertical grips, bipods, or lights are easily installed. Comfort to the shooter is paramount! When a shooter is comfortable he is more consistent because he will return to that comfortable position without effort. Since many of today’s military personnel have developed muscle memory with their M4’s transition to the M14 fitted to a McCann Industries CFRS is minimal. Their stock assembly allows the rifle to be fitted with many of the “off the shelf” AR15/M16/M4 buttstocks and pistol grips. One can configure the rifle to meet individual mission adaptations or unit requirements common to all.

Individual and unit benefits are multiplied by the CFRS; carbon fiber is superior in strength, rigidity, and thermal conductivity. Carbon fiber doesn’t have the mass of an aluminum or heavy fiberglass stock; it doesn’t hold the heat from the sun or draw body heat in the cold. An M14 outfitted with a CFRS, steel scope mount, 3x9x40mm, quad rail, and telescopic stock assembly weighs less than a standard M14. A significant weight reduction equates overall to unit benefits in the ability to carry more ammunition, food, and water with far less fatigue to the individual soldier.

McCann Industries also offers the Carbon Fiber Rifle Stock for the M1A and it’s variants; the scout and SOCOM

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With estimates between 40,000 and 50,000 rifles returning to duty, many manufacturing companies are…