California-based Mechanix Wear has introduced its new line of Tactical Specialty gloves designed for military, police and SWAT professionals operating in high-risk scenarios and environments. According to Mechanix Wear’s website, these Tactical Specialty (T/S) gloves boast smart touchscreen technology throughout the entire palm so you’re always connected in the field. In addition, Flame-resistant T/S glove models are built with high-quality FR goatskin leather and Nomex to meet ASTM D6413 & NFPA 1971-07 ratings for flame and thermal heat resistance as required by the U.S. military.

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Mechanix Wear is offering five models of Tactical Specialty gloves: the Recon, a leather tactical glove for law enforcement officers in need of hand protection when responding to calls for service and making arrests, the Pursuit CR5, a glove that provides LEOs blade-cut resistance without hindering one’s ability to manipulate firearms or perform searches, the Tempest, a tactical glove that tames heat and flame exposure during hard-charging operations, the Breacher, a flame-resistant tactical glove that protects the hands of military and SWAT members during forcible entry and high-risk operations, and the Azimuth, which provides flame resistance beyond the wrist for military and SWAT team members.

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About Mechanix Wear

When it comes to your tools it’s all about trust. Mechanix Wear’s commitment to hand protection has earned the trust of millions of hardworking hands around the world. It’s a commitment to anatomical design, industry leading material technology and rigorous testing standards. A commitment to looking beyond conventional ideas with the drive to innovate the most advanced tools for working hands. Mechanix Wear customers trust their hands to work faster, safer and cleaner day in and day out. Over the years Mechanix Wear has transcended its racing heritage and secured its place as the innovative leader in high performance hand protection. For more information, visit


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