New for 2014, the Med-Eng brand has announced the release of their multi-mission TAC 6 suit. This product was developed to address threats posed by explosive devices during operations. It is highly mobile and suitable for use by breachers, dog handlers, high risk search teams and bomb disposal technicians.

The TAC 6 is modular, versatile, lightweight tactical suit which covers the torso, arms and legs of the end-user. It has a scalable platform which supports the bulletproof vest worn by an officer, and users can select different components depending on the threat and mobility requirements. It is compatible with Mid-Eng’s TAC visor system, which attach to an officer‘s tactical helmet and provide fragmentation protection to the facial area. They also integrate with conventional gas masks.

Rob Reynolds, Vice President of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, commented, “The TAC 6 ensemble offers high performance blast and fragmentation protection to elite security forces.”

The TAC 6 suit from Med-Eng was developed out of the Med-Eng bomb disposal suits, which are used by federal and military agencies across the United States, and was famously featured in the Oscar-winning movie “The Hurt Locker.”

  • Excellent protection from blast overpressure, fragmentation, impact (acceleration and deceleration) and heat/flame
  • Military Applications: Dismounted IEDD, Airmobile IEDD, Route Clearance, Demining, UXO, Search, Suicide Bomber, Dog Handlers
  • Police & Law Enforcement Applications: EOD / SWAT Integration, Search, Dog Handlers, Suicide Bomber
  • High Mobility: Lightweight ergonomic design lets users run, walk, climb, bend, lift and reach more easily
  • Configurable: Users can add or remove modular protective components as needed
  • SuitUp Sizing: Components are available in numerous sizes for an ergonomic fit
  • Proven: Subjected to rigorous and documented blast and ballistic testing
  • Head Protection: Compatible with common Combat and Tactical Helmets and Med-Eng TAC Visor System

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