Meprolight Mepro M21 Reflex Optic

Rapid target acquisition and accurate shooting are both a necessity when it comes to close-quarter combat. Meprolight took both factors into account when designed the all new Mepro M21 reflex sight.

The Mepro M21 is mil-spec, featuring a large 30mm display that allows shooters to accurately identify targets while both eyes remain open. The optic is the first of its kind developed specifically for close-quarter combat and is self-powered, which means there’s no chance of batteries failing.

The Mepro M21 is always ready and always on, which is crucial during combat. The last thing a soldier needs to worry about is whether the batteries are charged on their optic, especially in high stress and dangerous situations.

The superior design and quality in combination with indisputable reliability is why the M21 is standard issue to the Israeli Defense Forces.

The M21 offers four different reticle options-Bullseye, Triangle, x-reticle or the popular dot with a 4.3 MOA.

The Mepro M21 retails for $563.25 and is available now.

For more information on the Mepro M21, please visit

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