Meprolight has announced an advanced variation of the Mepro NOA NYX with higher resolution, and a new generation of the Mepro Hunter Sniper’s Night Vision Weapon Sight for maximizing first hit probability.

The latest versions of the Mepro NOA NYX Lightweight Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sight will be support 640×480 microbolometer cores (17μ). It provides a more advanced image, a wider field-of-vision, and longer ranges, and include color displays and overlays.

The thermal Mepro NOA NYX sight guarantees high-quality observation and precision target engagement – enabling efficient day and night operations in low-light conditions, dust and smoke scenarios, and in complete darkness common in CQB.

The sight is provided in a compact, lightweight and durable enclosure, minimizing weapon load and ensuring convenient and reliable operation at all times. Advanced power saving capabilities based on a motion sensor combined with utilization of four commercially available “AA” batteries significantly reduce the sight’s Life Cycle Costs (LCC).

The new generation of the Mepro Hunter Sniper’s Night Vision Weapon Sight with x4 or x6 magnification, optimized for sniper operations, will join the NOA NYX.

Included among the modifications of the Mepro Hunter are: An improved zeroing mechanism that allows increased accuracy for both short and long distances – enabling ballistic compensation, as well as changing the reticles for better accuracy; Reduced click size enabling greater precision during the zeroing process; Upgraded adapter that enables user to maintain zeroing during installation and removal of the sight.

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