Mesa Tactical AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener

Mesa Tactical has announced a relatively radical departure from its usual offerings with its all new AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener.

This is Mesa Tactical’s second foray into the dual-purpose tools product category, following the company’s Telescoping Shotgun Stock Multi-tool (which could be used as a stock wrench, as well as a pump shotgun forend wrench) introduction in June of 2011.

The AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener integrates a handy bottle opener with the standard AR-15 stock wrench.

Mesa Tactical’s AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener is stamped from 11 gauge ASTM A1011 CS Type B hot-rolled carbon steel alloy, then plated using caustic black oxide operations at 285 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit to produce an attractive military spec MIL-DTL-13924D black iron magnetic coating.

How it works

The Mesa Tactical AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener has two ends:

  1. A roundy sort of arm with a nub at its point; and
  2. A loopy bit with a beveled edge.

To use the AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener to loosen or tighten the stock nut on a Mesa Tactical Faro Adapter, Telescoping Stock Adapter or any AR-15, the nub at the point of the roundy arm is engaged with the square notch in the nut, and pressure applied to the tool until the torque thus generated turns the nut.

When, as often seems to occur within an hour after working on the stock nut, sometimes sooner, a cool refreshing bottled beverage is desired, the loopy end of the AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener is deployed by the simple expedient of turning the tool around in the hand. One edge of the bottle cap is inserted into the loop and the AR Stock Wrench Bottle Opener pulled up to release the cap from the bottle.

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