Georgia-based gear maker Blue Force Gear is rolling out a basic medical supply kit as part of its Micro Trauma Kit NOW! (MicroTKN!) product line.

Specifically designed as an everyday carry kit for law enforcement professionals, prepared citizens, and hunters, the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Basic medical supply load-out comes with essential first-aid gear, including a NuStat Tactical hemostatic dressing for wound packing; four-inch emergency trauma dressing; six nine-inch lengths of medical grade easy tape; Tourni-Kwik compression tourniquet; and heavy duty medical gloves.

“Our goal is to put the MicroTKN! on as many people as possible to create a more prepared population,” Blue Force Gear marketing director Tom Kaleta said in a statement. “Each day seems to bring another example of why this mission is so important. This basic kit puts lifesaving equipment which can be utilized by practically anyone to save a life.”

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! has two main components—the outer MOLLE or belt mounted pouch, and a removable insert that keeps the medical supplies organized. According to the product page, the outer pouch features a laser cut cross with multiple signal indicators. A black, red or glow-in-the-dark insert is available. If you like, you can leave all the inserts out for a pattern that offers maximum concealability. The inner carrier can be deployed by using one finger or one hand from the left or right side to pull the BLIP (Ball Loaded Index Point) pull tabs.

This kit is constructed with Blue Force Gear’s ULTRAcomp and TenSpeed, resulting in a less bulky and stronger-than-normal medical pouch.

“It is simple: We made a more affordable kit that is easier to us. This furthers our vision of equipping millions of good people with the mindset, knowledge and equipment they need to help in life’s most challenging situations.” Blue Force Gear CEO Ashley Burnsed said.

Available in black, coyote brown, multicam, OD green and wolf, the new basic option of the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! comes with a $129 price tag.

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