TACTICAL WEAPONS wouldn’t be worth its salt if we didn’t bring you the most cutting-edge information on the latest guns, gear and tactics. To that end, every issue comes standard with a “New Mission Gear” page dedicated to highlighting some of the greatest new products hitting the market, and the May/June issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS is sure to delight our readers.

The latest trend in the AR arena is shrinking these powerhouses down for close-quarters operations, and the new Safety Harbor Kompact Entry Stock, or KES, is a collapsible AR-platform stock that works like an HK MP5’s. It’s build to find on all standard-spec AR-15 lowers and is entirely user installable.

More AR-centric products include Magpul’s new M-LOK Rail Covers, which protect your hands from barrel heat without adding any bulk or significant weight. More highlighted products include Black Dawn’s new 3-Gun AR, tank-tough gloves from First Tactical and much more.

Scroll through the gallery above to see what you’re missing!

For more information on the summer 2016 mission gear mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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