When in the field, military members and law enforcement officers need mission gear that is always reliable while providing the best possible results.

For the February/March 2015 issue, the editors of TACTICAL WEAPONS magazine have put together their list of the best new mission gear on the market.

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Christensen Arms has been specializing in carbon fiber for over 25 years. Now its offering carbon-fiber-enhanced rifle components to shooters. The components currently available include carbon-fiber handguards, which are vented for heat dissipation and feature a patented, integrated, carbon Picatinny rail system. Christensen is also offering its ultra-light match carbon-fiber-wrapped barrels in several calibers. Finally, the company is offering CA-15 machined billet and forged uppers and lowers available in either Cerakote or matte black. The piston-operated CA-15 upper comes with a handguard and a nickel-boron-coated bolt carrier group. (; 888-517-8855)



The new Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) Gunfighter stock features a streamlined, snag-free design. This new stock fits all mil-spec-sized buffer tubes and doesn’t need the additional external tension adjustment that other units do. A large adjustment latch runs over half the length of the underside, making adjustments easy. BCM patented the internals, with the main locking piece made from a heat-treated steel alloy, as compared to the more typical single pin found in other adjustable stocks. (; 877-272-8626)



The SLiM (Slim, Lightweight, Modular) Rail from Daniel Defense utilizes the KeyMod accessory attachment system for incredible weight savings as well as superior cooling, ergonomics and modularity while maintaining the strength and durability expected from Daniel Defense. The SLiM Rail features the battle-proven “Bolt-Up System” which provides modern flattop upper receivers with a free-floating, continuous, uninterrupted platform and allows for simplified alignment to the host weapon’s upper. The SLiM Rail is available in 9-, 12- and 15-inch models. (; 866-554-4867)



Tac Shield has unveiled its new Warrior 2N1 Rifle Sling, offering the best of both two- and single-point attachment systems, as well as the single-point Shock Sling II. The Warrior’s top-quality, 1.25-inch webbing offers improved strength and abrasion protection. Operators can quickly change from a single-point to a two-point configuration with the double HK hooks and strong steel attachment ring. The Shock Sling II’s new Controlled Stretch bungee design offers excellent control while shooting and at rest. This sling keeps the weapon tight while supporting aggressive transitions for engaging targets quickly and precisely. The Shock Sling II includes both an adjustable shoulder strap and direct vest attachment Straps for maximum versatility, speed and weight distribution. (; 910-687-4695)



The new Saiga 12-gauge muzzle brake from Command Arms Accessories (CAA) is designed to provide every Saiga owner with a new level of accuracy and shooting comfort. Designed to reduce both felt recoil and concussion blast, the new muzzle brake, the MBS12, also significantly reduces muzzle rise. The six side vents are positioned at a 90-degree angle from the bore to reduce both the felt recoil and concussion blast. The three top vents virtually eliminate muzzle rise for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots. (; 866-611-9576)



Maxpedition’s new Mag Bag Triple is an active-shooter response bag with three front M4/M16 30-round magazine pouches. The 12-by-5.5-by-9-inch bag has a large main compartment lined for CCW or modular accessories. Each front pouch holds two 30-round 5.56mm mags, one 7.62mm mag or one 30-round AK-47 mag. The bag also features several MOLLE channels as well as compartments for pistol magazines and other accessories. The Mag Bag Triple comes with a 1.5-inch shoulder strap with webbing for quick carrying. (; 310-768-0098)



Guntec USA has released a new American-made, 9-inch-long, Ultra Lightweight Thin KeyMod free-floating handguard with a monolithic top rail. The handguard features a T6 aluminum body and a steel barrel nut, providing extra rigidity without extra weight. The KeyMod system provides a sleek, streamlined method for attaching accessories. With the included steel barrel nut, the handguard weighs only 9 ounces. (; 480-478-4517)



Revolution Safe Company has created the Stronghold XL Tactical Edition, which features licensed Pendleton Revolution Technology. The XL Tactical Edition offers unequaled ease of access to a double row of ARs and similar-platform firearms displayed on revolving shelving. The XL Tactical Edition can comfortably accommodate seven different ranges of gun lengths at once, and even more if you consider the single-port adjustable turrets. Additionally, the XL Tactical Edition can be equipped with unique storage shelving for both pistols and revolvers without sacrificing long gun capacity. (; 770-466-6181)


Silence, please! After significant market research, cutomer feedback and extensive internal development and testing, EliteIron has announced a new line of 17-4 stainless steel sound suppressors that are measurably stronger and much quieter than titanium suppressors. The new EliteIron BattleDog stainless steel suppressor in .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO is 6 inches long, has a sound pressure reduction level of 28 decibels and weighs a scant 16 ounces.    (; 406-244-0234)



The new X-15 Side-Charged Upper (SCU) from X Products is a new left-side AR upper designed to work with a military-standard AR-15 bolt and carrier without requiring any modifications. The elevated charging handle position allows the bolt carrier to be operated with a proprietary cam pin that is included with the upper. The design, which features M4 feed ramps, allows for use with delta rings and increased-diameter forend rails, and it works with standard bolt-hold-open devices and remote versions. (; 503-502-0565)

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