M+M, Inc. AK Magazine Release Lever

About 10 miles north of Denver, Colo., you can find M+M, Inc., a small firearms manufacturer that is designing and selling innovative firearms based on the AK-47 and other evolutionary platforms.

While there are a number of methods and mechanisms used for the purpose of securing the AK magazine fit, none of them appeared to securely accommodate for the wide degree of variability in design and specifications of magazines in the marketplace.

Well, M+M Inc.’s all new AK Magazine Release Lever solves that problem.

Challenges to consistently experiencing a snugly fitting magazine across platforms and among different magazines include:

  • The position of the magazine lug varies between manufacturers
  • The shape of the magazine lug can vary
  • Common latch release mechanisms tend to be sharp on their single, metal edge point of contact which can wear on the magazine lug itself creating irregularities
  • Lack of guide stops

This wide variety created a situation where some magazines wobble from side-to-side in the magazine well. M + M, Inc.’s AK Magazine Release Lever is a solution to the magazine wobble that provides an easy fix.

The AK Magazine Release Lever helps by:

  • Incorporating a flat surface many times larger than the single metal edge contact point of the previous designs
  • Angling the flat surface so that the leading edge is shorter than the average point of contact of old designs to accommodate magazines with lugs positioned across a wide spectrum

The existing latch/release mechanism on AK rifles is typically riveted in place at the factory. Many consumers do not have riveting tools or any familiarity with rivets. However, the rivet serves not only to retain the mechanism in place, but also as a pivot point for the lever that the latch/release mechanism consists of.

Replacing the old latch/release mechanism is as simple as removing the old rivet, generally by drilling it out, and putting the new latch/release in place. Where the old one was riveted to the trigger guard, a pin and “E” clip serve as the new hinge and secures it in place.

For more information on the AK Magazine Release Lever and other products from M+M, please visit MM-industries.com.

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