Zeiss Unveils Its Hensoldt ZF 3.5-26x56mm FF Long-Range Riflecope


Zeiss and Cassidian unveiled Tuesday their Hensoldt ZF 3.5-26x56mm FF long-range riflescope, a unique, all-round telescopic sight for precision shooting no matter the distance. Its red, illuminated reticle is in the first focal plane, and its large magnification range (3.5-26X) and short overall length make it ideal for short- and long-range shooting. At 14 inches, it’s only slightly longer than Zeiss/Cassidian’s 4-16x56mm riflescope. “The most unusual thing is the magnification range of 3.5-26X in such a short, compact design,” said Dr. Walter Peschke, senior manager of business development and sales for Cassidian. “This is the shortest scope on the market with that much magnification range. And when shooting long ranges, you need a lot of compensation, and this scope can compensate as much as 4 meters at 100 meters.” That’s possible with an elevation turret that provides 18 mil-radian (180 clicks) of adjustments in two noticeable rotations. To simplify use in all climate zones, the turret does not stop at 0, but continues to -5, resulting in 365 clicks. The scope’s illuminated reticle is powered by a high-capacity CR123 battery, providing superior power no matter the environment (

Trijicon TARS Delivers Tough, Reliable Performance


The TARS—Tactical Advanced RifleScope—from Trijicon features 3-15x variable magnification, a 50mm objective and an illuminated reticle that’s ideal for tactical and sporting rifles. The scope’s premium-grade optics, exact adjustments and innovative reticle systems are encased in a nearly indestructible aluminum body that ensures the scope performs when engaging targets near and far. The scope’s best-quality Schott glass is fully mil-spec multi-coated for maximum light transmission. It also features 3.3 inches of constant eye relief while decreasing overall scope length to 13.9 inches. Its 3-15X magnification range make it a viable choice for everything from LE and military operations to benchrest competition to varmint and big-game hunting. The TARS features an innovative illuminated-reticle system with 10 levels of intensity, including two for use with night-vision optics. Its non-forward-emitting LED illuminated reticle is much more efficient than current systems. One CR2032 battery provides up to 175 hours of use (setting six, Day one). The TARS comes available with three reticle options. All are located in the first focal plane, so subtension values remain constant across the magnification range. The scope’s robust 34mm main tube is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, which, combined with Trijicon’s mil-spec construction, that ensures TARS can handle severe recoil and harsh environments. It’s waterproof to 66 feet, and finger-adjustable turrets feature patent-pending lockable, tactile click adjustments for positive tracking and repeatability. A side-mounted parallax dial focuses from 40 yards to infinity. Removable Tenebraex flip-up range caps and sunshade are included. It retails for approximately $4,000 (

Burris Introduces Its C4 Riflescope Lineup


The new C4 riflescope lineup combines premium optics with premium click adjustment via the “Cartridge Calibrated Custom Clicker” system. This allows shooters and hunters to match the elevation adjustment to their favorite cartridge and bullet for the easiest pinpoint accuracy possible. C4 owners can order free custom knobs from Burris to match their favorite load by sending Burris their cartridge load information online. The custom elevation knob also indicates, in MOA, the 10-mile-per-hour wind hold-off for the cartridge for the distance they’re shooting. The simple-to-use C4 Wind MOA reticle eliminates the guesswork with full and half-MOA tick marks that extend out to 10 MOA in each direction. C4 scopes are available in four models: 3-9x40mm and 4.5-14x42mm in 1-inch and 30mm tubes. Each offers ultra-premium glass and index-matched Hi-Lume multi-coatings for enhanced clarity, edge-to-edge sharpness and low-light performance. They’re built with rugged one-piece tubes and feature low-profile adjustment knobs with positive repeatable click adjustments, easy-to-adjust parallax rings (4.5-14X models only) and ergonomic power rings and quick-adjust eyepiece diopters. These scopes will be available at these MSRPs: 3-9x40mm (1 inch tube), $299; 3-9x40mm (30mm tube), $349; 4.5-14x42mm (1 inch), $399; and 4.5-14x42mm (30mm), $499 (

Leupold Unveils Mark AR MOD 1 Riflescopes


Leupold’s new Mark AR MOD 1 lineup offers elite performance at affordable prices. These scopes are designed with AR-15, modern sporting and precision rifles in mind. They feature new reticles, ballistically calibrated BDC dials and Green FireDot illumination, all of which draw on Leupold’s proud military heritage. The Mark AR MOD 1 lineup covers four magnification ranges: 1.5-4x20mm, 3-9x40mm, 4-12x40mm with adjustable objective and 6-18x40mm with adjustable objective. Two models feature daylight-visible FireDot illumination. MSRPs start at about $400. “Whether you’re into competition, hunting with an AR-style rifle, law enforcement or just out having fun, there’s a Mark AR MOD 1 suited to every task,” said Pat Mundy, senior marketing manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. New P5 0.1-mil adjustment dials are partnered with mil-based reticles to deliver true mil/mil compatibility. Non-illuminated reticle options include Mil-Dot, Duplex or Fine Duplex. Leupold’s green FireDot Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR) and green FireDot Special Purpose Reticle are available in the 3-9x40mm and 1.5-4x20mm models, respectively. The elevation dial features bullet-drop compensation calibrated to the common 55-grain, .223/5.56x45mm cartridge. Additional dials matched to almost any ballistic profile can be ordered from the Leupold Custom Shop (

Swarovski’s 4W Reticle Now in Z6/Z6i Riflescope Lineup


Swarovski now offers its groundbreaking 4W wind-compensating reticle in its premium Z6/Z6i ballistic turret (BT) riflescopes. The concept of the BT/4W is to allow shooters to easily dial in the correct elevation needed for a shot with the BT system, while also compensating for any wind by using the vertical hash marks along the crosshair. These hash marks are placed every 2 MOA. This means that at 100 yards, the first hash mark from center equals a 2-inch spacing. The same hash mark at 300 yards equals a 6-inch spacing, and at 500 yards the first hash mark equals a 10-inch spacing. Swarovski Optik’s ballistic calculator tells the shooter how many MOA to compensate for wind deflection. Swarovski’s Z6/Z6i lineup includes these three options: 2.5-15x56mm P, 3-18x50mm P and 5-30x50mm P. Because these riflescopes have a second focal-plane reticle, the scope must be on its maximum magnification to accurately compensate for wind in MOA when using the hash marks for guidance. If wind isn’t a factor, simply use the main central crosshair at any magnification (

Redfield’s Battlezone Delivers Durable, Tactical Performance


Redfield’s new and durable Battlezone 3-9x42mm riflescope brings tactical utility to the hunting field. This scope is designed for modern sporting or tactical bolt-action rifles. It features fully multicoated lenses, a bullet-drop compensation system, a TAC-MOA reticle and tactile/audible .25-MOA finger-click adjustments. Its BDCS comes with two adjustment dials calibrated in two of the most popular calibers for tactical rifles. The .223/5.56x45mm NATO dial is set up for 55-grain bullets at 3,100 feet per second (fps). The second dial is calibrated for 168-grain .308/7.62x51mm NATO bullets at 2,650 fps. Each dial is marked in 50-yard increments. The new TAC-MOA reticle features stadia lines on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs set at 2-MOA increments. This allows shooters to quickly hold over for wind or elevation, and it can also be used for range estimation on objects of a known size. A fast-focus eyepiece helps shooters get on target and easily adapt to changing conditions. Like all Redfield riflescopes, the Battlezone is built to withstand the elements. Its waterproof nitrogen-filled main tubes prevent fogging and freezing and are guaranteed to stay sealed for the scope’s life. MSRP: About $200 (

Schmidt & Bender Debuts Its Stratos Riflescope


The new 2.5-13x56mm Stratos riflescope from Schmidt & Bender USA features a new 5X zoom, quick adjustments, a programmable illumination unit and flash-dot technology—all the while retaining the company’s traditional elegant design. The Stratos measures 13.54 inches in length and features a 30mm tube. This scope offers a field of view of 42.6 yards to 8.1 yards at 100 yards, depending on the magnification. It offers 3.54 inches of safe eye relief, and its reticle is in the scope’s first focal plane. The Stratos is also waterproof to nearly 10 feet, and the battery for its illumination system is easily changed without tools. Each shooter can set up and customize the scope’s illumination system on their home computer. To create or customize the protocols, simply choose the number of steps in brightness in the day mode and night mode, choose the number of hours for automatic shutdown and choose the action desired when reactivating the lighting (

Sightron Expands Its SIII Series


Sightron has further expanded its SIII series of tactical riflescopes with the Model 25003, a new 10-50x60mm scope that features an illuminated MOA reticle, MOA tactical knobs, and a mil-dot reticle. These scopes also are available with MRAD tactical knobs. The 25003 offers an MOA-2 reticle with 2-MOA spacing. All models in the SIII series feature large, oversized tactical knobs with .25-MOA adjustments. They also feature rugged one-piece main-body tubes, and a side-focus system focuses precisely on a wide range of distances. The 25003 also feature Sightron’s unique ExacTrack windage and elevation adjustment system, and its ZACT-7 Revcoat finishes on its large objectives. This finish is a seven-layer multi-coating that’s applied throughout the scope’s entire lens system. Finally, the 25003’s side-focus system is designed for easy use whether in the field or shooting off a bench. It will focus from 13 to 40 yards to infinity depending on the model. MSRP: About $1,000 (

Weaver Redesigns Its Grand Slam Series


Weaver’s new and improved Grand Slam series serves as the flagship for the company’s riflescope lineup. The Grand Slam fleet has undergone a complete transformation that includes advancements to Weaver’s Micro-Trac erector system and a new exterior design. At its core, however, the Grand Slam remains the same rugged, versatile and technologically advanced riflescopes that shooters and hunters have always known. The Grand Slam is available in 10 models ranging from 2-8x36mm to 4-16x44mm, and it includes these features: 4X magnification ranges; argon-purged tubes; rugged one-piece tube construction; precision-ground, fully multi-coated lenses; side focus parallax adjustments on select models; reticle options based on specific models; cross-balanced spring system for repeatable high-precision adjustment of windage and elevation; and Weaver’s all-new High-Precision Micro-Trac Adjustment System. The MSRP on these scopes range $415.95 to $540.95 (

Hawke’s 1X Multi-Purpose SR Offers Versatility


The new Multi-Purpose SR (HK3265) is a 1X scope with an illuminated reticle that’s a great option whether you’re hunting with a crossbow or working in tight quarters in potentially dangerous situations. It’s also designed to withstand punishment whether it’s mounted on shotguns, crossbows or AR-15 platforms. Its 1X magnification allows shooters to aim with both eyes open—and from a safe distance, thanks to its 7 inches of eye relief. It features a red/green illuminated reticle, fully multicoated lenses and a 1-inch monotube for superior strength. “The SR is our crossover scope,” said Trent Marsh, Hawke’s brand development and communications manager. “It’s a niche product in that it’s suitable for just about everything. It’s great for mounting on a youth’s shotgun because of it’s long eye relief.” The Multi-Purpose SR weighs in at about 9 ounces, measures just over 9 inches in length and includes with purchase a full lifetime warranty. MSRP: $130 (

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