Morgan Advanced Materials armor
The aptly named Morgan Advanced Materials creates everything from helmets to armor plates.

Morgan Advanced Materials is a UK-based global technology leader that designs and manufactures high-performance combat helmets and body armor. Its composite designs include multi-hit ballistic inserts for military, police and civilian end-users worldwide. Morgan Advanced Materials has supplied body armor systems to the UK Ministry of Defence for more than 25 years, delivering more than 40,000 pairs of Osprey body armor plates and 80,000 MK7 combat helmets for operations in Afghanistan.

For deactivating bombs, Morgan has engineered and created the ERGOTEC 4000 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) suit that is ergonomically designed to provide the wearer with maximum protection and full freedom of movement. The suit incorporates the ERGOTEC 4000 breastplate, “which minimizes the transmission of shockwave energy to the operator’s torso in the event of an explosive interaction.”

It also uses an innovative articulated design that incorporates a three-piece telescopic construction, enhancing flexibility with no loss of blast de-coupling capability. The suit also includes the unique ERGOTEC 4000 helmet and collar, which provides protection against radial and linear head acceleration during a blast event.

“Morgan Advanced Materials has supplied body armor systems to the UK Ministry of Defence for more than 25 years.”

In an effort to remove the pain from the pounds, Morgan has also created The Lightweight Armor Soldier Architecture (LASA) and touts it as the most advanced lightweight soldier system in the world. The LASA offers a 25-percent weight reduction against previous armor systems, “improving mobility and reducing wearer fatigue.”

Morgan says the LASA provides significant enhancement in security and comfort over current armor systems. The torso system is fully compatible with the family of helmets and lower body protection, delivering maximum coverage and protection while maintaining optimum comfort while also ensuring that the soldier can fight from any position, including prone. The body armor is ultra-lightweight and durable, specifically designed for the rugged environments encountered by international military and security personnel. The system also offers pelvic protection, which is secure and comfortable for patrolling on foot or by vehicle, and kneepads that are designed to be fully operable in rough terrain.

Duncan Eldridge, the president of Morgan Advanced Materials, said, “We have conducted significant research and development to test the boundaries of what is possible with soldier protection systems. While safety remains paramount, reducing weight is the key to enhancing mobility and minimizing fatigue. The engineering team has been working on developments to provide a 30-percent weight reduction for our world-leading helmets and a 25-percent weight reduction for our ballistic plates, compared with competitive solutions.”


Morgan also offers other protective systems for armored vehicles, including a composite system that can provide “a highly effective protective shield with outstanding ballistic and mechanical performance.” The company touts the system as being up to 50-percent lighter than the equivalent steel armor when used to protect against armor-piercing rounds, and it’s also able to defeat other threats, including fragmentation, high-velocity small arms, grenade attacks, mine blasts and burning fluids.

Morgan is working hard to protect those warfighters who operate in harm’s way. Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defense Systems were recently awarded two body armor development contracts by the Canadian government, which will focus on a next-generation, lightweight, low-profile, higher-performing design for personal armor plates. The body armor will provide protection for high threat levels, including difficult multi-hit requirements.

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