MotoShot Hostage Scenario Trainer

Hostage situations are among the toughest that law enforcement have to deal with.

Training for those situations is just as tough, as there are few realistic training systems available.

However, MotoShot has just released one of the most realistic trainers on the market.

The Hostage Scenario Trainer Moving Target System incorporates incredible, lifelike movements such as running, charging, 360-degree turning with the realism of two independent 3D target hit reactive systems.

The Hostage Scenario Trainer System includes:

  • MotoShot Four All Wheel Drive Total Control Robot
  • Dual Hit/Stop Target Technology
  • New Cantilever Controlled Fall Mounts for both realistic 3D Targets
  • Dual Independent Reactive Systems
  • Dual Independent Magnetic Locking Fall Response
  • Two Hit Reactive Sensors; one for each 3D Target
  • Digital 2.4 GHZ Spread Spectrum Wireless Remote (1,000 meters line of sight)
  • Standard Target Bracket
  • 12 volt Quick Exchange Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 12 volt Battery Pack Charger

The MotoShot Hostage Scenario Trainer retails for $5,589 and is available now.

For more information on the Hostage Scenario Trainer and other products from MotoShot, please

MotoShot Hostage Scenario Trainer
Moving Target Training with MotoShot’s Hostage Scenario Trainer

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