MSI Delivery Systems AB2K Multi Mission Aerosol Dispensing System
MSI Delivery Systems' AB2K Multi Mission Aerosol Dispensing System

There are thousands of innovative tactical solutions out there for law enforcement and military, and MSI Delivery Systems has a good one.

The AB2K-MMADS is the world’s fastest, multi-mission, fully portable aerosol delivery system.

The AB2K can shoot a stream of dense smoke more than 100 feet. The non-toxic smoke is non-oil based so it will not contaminate deployment areas.

A fully charged unit can expel 320,000 cubic feet of smoke. Optionally, law enforcement and military can upgrade missions with OC or CS and use the device in tactical scenarios not possible with existing equipment.

The smoke is compatible with thermal imaging. Participle size is 0.2 to 0.4 microns. The system has an extensive and broad range of applications from training, law enforcement, military, plus other demanding tactical uses.

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