The NcSTAR Armorers Wrench is a tool designed for anybody who wants to build AR platform rifles. This new product features a barrel wrench, a flash suppressor wrench in two separate sizes, an M4 collapsible stock castle nut wrench, a 1911 barrel brushing wrench, a tactical bottle opener, and an A2 buffer tube wrench. In addition, the NcSTAR Armorers Wrench includes a lower receiver push pin tool. It also has an overall length of 13.8″ and a weight of 13 ounces. Simply put, this tough, solid steel, multi-function tool is capable of handling a majority of the jobs needed to complete the build. NcSTAR has taken their armorer’s wrench to the next level with the Gen2 variant of this product. Pricing information for the NcSTAR AR-15 Armorers Wrench – Generation 2 is not available. See below for a full list of features pertaining to this product and scroll down to watch a video for more information.

Features: NcSTAR AR-15 Armorers Wrench – Generation 2

-Barrel Wrench for: GI Barrel Nut, Free-Float Barrel Nuts with GI spacing, DD Barrel Nuts
-YHM ( 1¾”) Spanner wrench
-Tactical Bottle Opener
-1/2″ and 3/8″ Drive Compatible
-A2 Buffer Tube Wrench
-1911 Barrel Bushing Wrench
-A2 (¾”) and 5/8″ Flash Suppressor wrench
-M4 Collapsible Stock Castle Nut wrench
-Lower Receiver Push Pin Tool
-1/4″ Hex Bit Drive Socket
-A2 Flat Blade Screw Driver for A2 Buttstock Plate
-Steel Construction
-Length: 13.8″
-Weight: 13.0 oz
-NcSTAR Patented Pending Design

NcSTAR is a Southern California-based company founded in 1997 which specializes in selling Rifle Scopes, Red Dots, Bipods, Flashlights, Lasers, Gun Cases, Mounts, Rings, Bipods/Tripods, Vests and other shooting accessories. For more information about NcSTAR and their range of products, please visit

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