NcSTAR Ultimate Sighting System Scope - Generation 2

New for 2014, the NcSTAR Ultimate Sighting System scope has been redesigned with features which make it compatible with any AR-15 platform rifle. It includes all the benefits of a Mark III Tactical 3-9X magnified scope. Plus, it has the advantage of a micro red dot reflex optic perfect for close range targets. The scope centerline height has been raised to 1.5 inches, which creates more room for a low profile Rear BUIS. In addition, the quick release mount has been updated with a smaller, ergonomic design and locking feature. As a result, the scope can quickly and easily be dismounted without accidental removal. The NcSTAR Ultimate Sighting System Scope – Generation 2 is available in Mil-Dot or P4 Sniper reticle options.

  • NEW Improved: Scope Centerline height raised to 1.5” creating more room for a low profile Rear BUIS.
  • NEW: Blue & Green Color Illuminated reticle, with multiple brightness settings for each color.
  • NEW Improved: Lowered BDC Turret height, for lower mounting height for the Micro Dot Reflex Optic.
  • This is the perfect platform for the New DXDAB Micro Red Dot Reflex Sight (also included in the USS).
  • NEW Improved: Locking Quick Release mount and a more compact QR Lever.
  • The Ultimate Sighting System (USS) Gen II gives you all the Benefits of a Mark III Tactical 3-9X magnified Scope with the Advantage of a Micro Red Dot Reflex Optic for close range targets.
  • 100-500 yard Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) calibrated for M193 55gr. FMJ Mil-Spec ammo.
  • Quick Focus Eyepiece.
  • Fully Multi Coated Lenses.
  • Integrated Slant Cut Sun Shade
  • Black Anodized exterior finish
  • Includes lens covers and batteries
  • DXDAB is the GEN II version of the DDAB. Improved quality with a New Stealth Hood design.
  • Includes Micro Dot dust cover and batteries

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