Engineering high-quality accessories for reliable and trustworthy field use is how Yankee Hill Machine made its name.

The all new Quick Detach Blast Deflector is another accessory that lives up to YHM’s standard.

The QD Blast Deflector helps reduce the concussion by projecting it forward, and away from the operator.

YHM designed this QB Blast Deflector to work with multiple YHM QD muzzle devices. The QD Blast Deflector locks on just like a YHM Suppressor. The mechanism is fast, positive and virtually impossible to disengage accidentally.

The role of THM’s Blast Deflector is two-fold. It is primarily intended for use as a personal safety device when operating short barrel rifle systems, and the increasingly popular AR pistols. This device will deliver a new level of protection to your forward controlling hand.

The shorter the barrel, the less time there is for all the round’s powder to fully ignite, resulting in a fireball of still burning powder to be expelled out of the muzzle, as a safety device the YHM Blast Deflector contains the combusting powder and shields the operator’s forward controlling hand.

The secondary role of the Blast Deflector comes into play during team-based operations, especially within close quarters and indoor situations. Concussion and muzzle flash will be projected forward and mitigate the negative effects on team members.

YHM’s QB Blast Deflector is constructed of 4140 Chromolly Steel and treated with a Melonite QPQ finish. Designed and constructed to withstand extreme use even under full auto fire without any worry of failure.

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