Tactical Weapons visited the recent IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Annual Conference and Law Enforcement Exposition held at the San Diego Convention Center. Our staff searched the floor to report on the latest and greatest developments in LE weapons and gear. Here are the special items that really caught our eye! (Visit


Weaver introduced a new tactical riflescope and Weaver tactical scope rings at a table sponsored by their parent company, ATK. It appears that the initial offering will include a high-quality 6-20 x 50mm variable scope with tall tactical turrets that presents slightly-audible 1/8 MOA clicks in a rugged, one-piece tube design. The matte finish protects the body from harsh elements and a parallax adjustment is positioned at the objective. For more information, visit


Introduced as an LE version of their highly regarded “SandCat,” this OSHKOSH is a multi-role, ballistically protected vehicle. The SandCat is highly maneuverable and can be reconfigured to fit many different missions. Its use of a commercial chassis and kitted hull allow more efficient manufacture and repair. The unique window configuration allows a wider field of view than other armored vehicles.Spall liners are built within the armored shell to capture projectiles that might enter the interior as a result of an external blast. The V-shaped hull deflects the impact of mine blasts while directing lethal energy away from the vehicle. Suspended seats minimize acceleration forces to the passengers and prevent contact between crew and the vehicle’s belly during a blast impact. For more information, visit


Joining the 11-Bravo product line is the CIB M.O.L.L.E. holster available for use with the Beretta and Sig Sauer pistols in either left or right-hand configuration. This Level II holster system was inspired by special operations soldiers and can be attached to the widely-used M.O.L.L.E. system. The open-muzzle feature permits the weapon’s use with a suppressor while the Redi-Lok primary retention system and removable thumb break secure the weapon. A spare magazine pouch is built into the front, and other DeSantis products can work to offer a counter-weight to the support leg. The CIB is available in several different camo patterns as well as black. For more information, visit


The E7 is a purpose-built LE vehicle that provides unique attributes at a lower total cost of ownership and offers significant environmental benefits. Constantly surrounded by interested professionals, the E7 featured a high-tech, clean bio-diesel powertrain. Working with many LE agencies, Carbon Motors determined 88 mission-critical requirements that have been integrated as features of the E7. Most notably is the door configuration that makes is easier for officers to insert handcuffed suspects into the rear seat. Carbon Motors will also offer ballistic protection in the front doors as an option. LED emergency and searchlights are integrated into the body and various panels, and the company has integrated technologies like license plate readers that alerts the officer when a potential warrant or wanted felon is identified. The vehicle is designed to a 250,000 mile durability specification and accelerates occupants to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 155. For more visit


Seen at the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV last year, the Kahr P380 has grown into a highly anticipated offering. Kahr representatives at IACP suggested availability by the time this issue goes to press. The P380 is the newest pistol to Kahr and offers LE a very concealable back-up or under-cover sidearm. Capitalizing on the ballistically improved .380 ammunition now available, the P380’s magazine holds 6 rounds and another in the chamber. The locked breech design utilizes a trigger-cocking DAO with a Browning-type recoil lug, a passive striker block and no magazine disconnect. The barrel is kept to 2.5 inches, with polygonal rifling. The overall length is just 4.9 inches and an incredible slide width of .75 inches means that it won’t likely print when under deep concealment. For more information, visit


Meggitt has kept their range systems at pace with changing technology by introducing a never-before-seen wireless target retrieval system for indoor ranges. A touch pad control display eliminates mechanical switches often seen on indoor ranges, giving the user more target control including position, facing, time interval, movements, etc. A range control officer also benefits with a portable control unit that overrides each stall’s control box and can turn targets so there is no target presented. What is particularly interesting about the Meggitt system is the new retriever. Unlike other range systems, the carrier runs along a rail without exposed wires pulling the target fore or aft. This reduces malfunctions commonly associated with target carriers and improves long-term performance. For more information, visit www.meggitttraining


Ruger displayed their new M77 Mark II Light Precision Rifle. It is a bolt action that takes the proven rugged M77 bolt action and tunes it for the tactical community. Designed to meet the demands of LE precision shooters, it includes an accurate hammer-forged, heavy barrel, a two-stage precision trigger, a floorplate latch that mounts flush with the front of the trigger guard, and an easily manipulated 3-position safety. A Hogue overmolded cobblestone stock provides tactile grip that is extremely comfortable and quiet. The Mark II will be available in .223 Rem. (5-rd. capacity) or .308 Win (4-rd. capacity) with a 20-inch barrel. The overall length is 40-inches and it weighs just 8.75 pounds. For more information, visit

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Tactical Weapons visited the recent IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Annual Conference…