Mission Gear TW 2014 S.O.Tech Cobra SIS Vest
S.O.Tech Cobra SIS Vest

When in the field, military members and law enforcement officers need mission gear that is always reliable while providing the best possible results.

For the November/December 2014 issue, the editors of TACTICAL WEAPONS magazine have put together their list of the best new mission gear on the market.


ArmaLite DSR Series

Mission Gear TW 2014 ArmaLite DSR Series
ArmaLite DSR Series

ArmaLite has unveiled its new Defensive Sporting Rifle (DSR) series, which includes: the DSR 15, DSR 15F and DSR 10.

The DSR 15 and 15F are chambered in 5.56mm NATO and feature 16-inch, double-lapped, chrome-lined, chrome-moly-vanadium barrels with the M203 step down and 1/2×28 threads, while the DSR 10 is chambered in 7.62mm and features a 16-inch, double-lapped, Melonite-treated barrel with 5/8×24 threads. The rifles feature upper and lower receivers made of 7075-T6 aluminum, adjustable stocks and single-stage triggers (armalite.com; 800-336-0184)


ATN Shot Trak HD Gun Camera

Mission Gear TW 2014 ATN
ATN Shot Trak HD Gun Camera

American Technologies Network (ATN) has unveiled its Shot Trak HD, a high-definition gun camera for capturing personal outdoor adventures with five times the magnification of any standard action camera.

Built using military-grade materials, the extremely compact Shot Trak HD is very rugged. The Shot Trak is easily attachable on three sides of the unit to a standard Weaver mount on a rifle, shotgun, handgun or bow. It operates with a simple toggle switch and is recoil-proof, water resistant and Micro SD compatible. (atncorp.com; 800-910-2862)


Galati Deluxe Shooter’s Mat

Mission Gear TW 2014 Galati
Galati Deluxe Shooter’s Mat

The Galati Deluxe Shooter’s Mat is the perfect combo of rifle case, backpack, drag bag and shooting mat. This system is designed to provide an easy transformation from one configuration to another within seconds.

As a rifle case, it can hold firearms up to 48 inches long and 11.5 inches in height. An adjustable strap and pouch secures the firearm to prevent unnecessary movement. The case is constructed from Cordura nylon with over 0.5 inches of closed-cell foam padding on each panel. (galatigear.com; 877-425-2847)


Present Arms M&P Armorer Plate

Mission Gear TW 2014 Present Arms
Present Arms M&P Armorer Plate

The new Smith & Wesson M&P Series Armorer Plate from Present Arms is the ideal platform for professional military, law enforcement or civilian armorers who need to maintain their M&P pistols.

The synthetic polymer platform will hold the firearm in a secure position yet not mar or scratch the firearm’s surface. Strategically cut to assist the armorer, it provides an ergonomic, hands-free workstation for pin/part removal and complete disassembly of the firearm. The system comes complete with Present Arms’ universal magazine mount and swivel, enabling 360-degree rotation and access for cleaning and repairs. (presentarmsinc.com; 413-575-4656)

Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo

Mission Gear TW 2014 Sig Sauer
Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo

Sig Sauer’s new ammo expands reliably, round after round. The proprietary V-Crown stacked-hollow-point (HP) bullet features an additional smaller HP cavity behind the main cavity.

This design, along with the V-shaped jacket skives, guarantees controlled, uniform expansion. The V-Crown design also features a toothed cannelure that locks the jacket and the lead/alloy core, providing maximum structural integrity. The first five loadings available: 90-grain .380 ACP, 124-grain 9mm, 125-grain .357 SIG, 165-grain .40 S&W and 200-grain .45 ACP. (sigsauer.com; 603-610-3000)


Improvised Electronics Boom Box

Mission Gear TW 2014 Improvised Electronics Boom Box
Improvised Electronics Boom Box

Improvised Electronics has developed a new portable, non-pyrotechnic, explosive effects system. The Boom Box packs a 130-decibel punch instantly while easily fitting into your backpack.

The Boom Box was designed with C-IED and EOD training in mind. The system is optimized to provide instant feedback when triggered by the remote or trigger interface. Users may connect IED triggers to the trigger interface to achieve an instant report when the IED is violated. The Boom Box also resets instantly without the need to reload burst disks or gas cartridges between shots. (improvisedelectronics.com; 850-736-4433)


Bravo KMR Handguards

Mission Gear TW 2014 Bravo KMR Handguards
Bravo KMR Handguards

The new KMR (KeyMod Rail) free-floating handguards from Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) give an operator a more universal modular system for attaching various accessories.

Available in 9-, 10-, 13- and 15-inch lengths, these handguards are narrower than models with conventional Picatinny quad-rails, so there is less bulk in hand. The handguards are made from a blend of aluminum and magnesium alloy that is 30 to 40 percent lighter than aluminum. (bravocompanyusa.com; 877-272-8626)


SureFire X400-GN Ultra

Mission Gear TW 2014 SureFire X400-GN Ultra
SureFire X400-GN Ultra

SureFire has released its X400-GN Ultra, which features a high-visibility green laser sight instead of the red laser sight found on the original X400 Ultra. Green is the most visible color to the human eye, making it extremely detectable in most situations.

In addition to being highly visible, the 5-milliwatt (505 nanometer) green laser is generated by a green laser diode, making it more reliable over a wider temperature range. The X400-GN also features a recoil-proof primary LED that delivers 500 lumens of white light focused through a TIR lens to create a versatile beam with significant reach and surrounding light. (surefire.com; 800-828-8809)

Taran Tactical .308 PMAG Extension

Mission Gear TW 2014 Taran Tactical
Taran Tactical .308 PMAG Extension

The new Major Firepower Extension for .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO PMAGs from Taran Tactical Innovations quickly attaches and detaches from the magazine tube, allowing you to hold a total capacity of 26+1 rounds in the .308 PMAG20 LR/SR and 31+1 in the .308 PMAG25 LR/SR. CNC-machined from billet aluminum, the Major Firepower Extension has a one-piece design with a patented pushpin.

No specialty tools are required for installation; simply pop off the insert at the bottom of the spring and slide on the extension. (tarantacticalinnovations.com)


S.O.Tech Cobra SIS Vest

Mission Gear TW 2014 S.O.Tech Cobra SIS Vest
S.O.Tech Cobra SIS Vest

S.O.Tech Tactical’s new Cobra SIS Vest was designed with input from detectives of the LAPD’s Special Investigation Section (SIS). This soft and hard armor carrier allows plainclothes officers in mobile surveillance mode to rapidly don their tactical gear, leave their vehicle and chase down/apprehend suspected criminals.

The entire ensemble is designed around mobility. Made from 1,000-denier Cordura nylon, the Cobra SIS features a cummerbund that secures via Velcro to keep the vest from shifting, a built-in weapons sling and a non-skid upper chest to keep weapons in place while firing. It weighs 6 pounds and is adjustable to fit your body type. (sotechtactical.com; 800-615-9007)


YHM SLK Handguard

Mission Gear TW 2014 YHM SLK Handguard
YHM SLK Handguard

Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) has released its first KeyMod handguards, the SLK Series, which are manufactured in the U.S.A. The SLKs include all parts necessary for installation, and they are by far YHM’s lightest handguards to date.

Three different lengths are available: 7.3, 9.25 and 12.25 inches. Made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, a lightweight Picatinny rail is machined into the 12 o’clock position, and customizable KeyMod rails are in the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for full customizability. The SLK handguards are hardcoat anodized black per military specifications. (yhm.net; 877-892-6533)


Magpul MOE SL Accessories

Mission Gear TW 2014 Magpul MOE SL Accessories
Magpul MOE SL Accessories

Offering a fresh look and new concepts to complement the classic MOE lineup, Magpul’s new SL Carbine Stock, Grip and Handguard feature sleeker lines and optimized features for modern employment methods. Both commercial and mil-spec models of the SL Carbine Stock are available.

Designed for the modern battlefield, the sleek profile, dual-side release latches, rolled toe and angled rubber buttpad are optimized for use with body armor or modular gear. The MOE SL Grip has a slightly smaller size and a more vertical grip angle. The MOE SL Handguard is built for ARs with carbine-length gas systems and A2 front sights. It comes with M-LOK accessory slots. (magpul.com; 877-462-4785)

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