Due to overwhelming demand for a shotgun slug offering maximum penetration and stopping power, BrennekeUSA is offering the Special Forces Short Magnum, a 12 gauge, 2-3/4-inch round, loaded with a massive 1-1/4-ounce slug. Based on Brenneke’s highly popular Heavy Field Short Magnum that generates muzzle energy greater than many centerfire rifle cartridges. The SFSM is capable of five-shot groups as tight as 2.95 inches at 100 yards, 1.4 inches at 50 yards. For more information, contact

Tactical Link’s Z-360 Sling Mount is available in the Single Point, Two Point or Three Point slings, which allow the shooter to disconnect firearm and retain sling on person. The CQB ambidextrous Z-360 Sling Mount is also compatible with mil-spec and commercial butter tubes, all without weapon disassembly. Order them quickly at

Schmidt & Bender’s highest magnification riflescope ever created, the 12-50×56 PM II, is now available on their Police Marksman tactical scope line. Built on a 34mm tube, the scope provides parallax adjustment from 50 meters to infinity and target-style adjustment turrets. Eye relief is 70mm and the scope measures 16.4 inches long. Available in a wide range of reticles and several elevation/windage configurations. Check it out at

nightforce.jpgNIGHTFORCE NXS 2.5-10×32 COMPACT SCOPE
Three revolutionary new “V” ballistic reticles are offered with Nightforce 2.5-10×32 and 2.5-10×24 NXS Compact scope. Designed for shooting to 600 yards, the ballistic reticles were made to be sighted in at 200 yards. Elevation lines are clearly marked in 50-yard intervals to 600 yards.  Windage compensation is also marked in 5 and 10 MPH increments.  The simplicity of this “smart reticle” system has been proven to be up to twice as fast as traditional rangefinding reticles and increases accuracy. For more information, go to

Wilson Combat’s unique Quad Rail provides four rails for supplementary attachments plus a comfortable hand hold on the fore-end. The full-length top and bottom rails offer 7.25 inches of Picatinny rail and the sides have 1.5 inches for mounting an array of accessories along with the eight threaded 0.25 by 20 tpi holes for maximum attachment options. Check it out at

The Tundra, a 9mm handgun suppressor, is a lightweight and high performing sound and flash suppressor that has a built-in recoil device for flawless cycling on hard-to-cycle handguns like the Glock 26. The recoil device, known as an LID (Linear Inertial Decoupler) has the suppressor attached to the barrel using standard thread mounting, but upon firing, the suppressor can free float and be detached from the inertia of the firearm’s firing sequence. To learn more about the LID mechanism, see for yourself at

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