A unique design in the ever-widening market of piston driven AR15 uppers, PWS has designed a simple, yet very robust series of uppers.  Starting with the aptly named 7-inch “Diablo,” 10-inch “DC-10” and 16-inch “DC-16,” available in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm. PWS manufactured uppers are the perfect blend of AK reliability with AR ergonomics. This distinctive design results in a very smooth recoil impulse coupled with unyielding reliability.  The carrier, operating rod and gas piston are effectively one component, which leaves no need for additional springs, small pins, or adjustments of any kind. Visit for more information.


The XPS2-0 is the latest addition to the EOTech HWS family.  The XPS2-0, or Cross(X) Power Source, maintains many of the same speed and accuracy benefits, but now in a smaller, more lightweight package.  EOTech has redesigned the HWS body to accept a single, transversely positioned, CR123 Lithium battery.  The new XPS2-0 requires much less rail space and provides roughly three times the battery life (about 600 hours). In addition, it offers three incredibly fast reticle options that include a new 2-dot pattern.  Offered in both night vision and non-NV, the XPS2-0 is the shortest and lightest HWS developed to date, and ideal for any shooting situation and weapon platform. Visit for more information.


Wiley X has introduced two new flame- and cut-resistant combat gloves, both of which are constructed using a unique blend of materials that delivers the ultimate in ultra-protective, highly durable, precision-touch gloves for tactical and combat operations.  The new Wiley X Orion glove and Wiley X Aries glove offer heavy-duty protection, with a lightweight Nomex/Kevlar weave throughout the fingers and the back of the hand, providing extra flame resistance and protection from cuts, while sheepskin allows for increased dexterity, durability and protection.  Leather-reinforced in high-wear areas, these reliable gloves will keep Warfighters protected in a variety of tactical applications and will outlast “flyer’s gloves” four to six times. Visit for more information.


Larson Electronics Magnalight introduced a weapon mount green laser sight with 532nm, continuous wave 5mW output.  Powered by standard or rechargeable CR123A batteries and attached via a quick release Picatinny rail mount, the 11051-G green laser sight is activated by a tail cap switch or included pressure switch.  The 11051-G green laser sight is made in the USA and sells for under $200. Visit for more information.


Three new grips from CAA provide a solution by allowing for a comfortable no slip carry option when positioned at a balancing point on the rifle.  The 3.2-ounce curved magazine grip (MGRIP) provides the shooter with a lightweight, curved surface, while the finger groove MGRIP1 provides the user with three ergonomic indentations for comfortable finger placement, and has a plugged waterproof storage compartment for batteries or other small objects. The MGRIP2 is a two-piece grip that does not require a Picatinny rail for mounting. For more information, visit


The Liberator Tactical Light STT from First Light USA is an LED light like no other flashlight ever made – it removes the limitations of your traditional, tube-shaped flashlights and gives you full use of your hands, allowing you to perform tasks like two-handed shooting, reloading, clearing weapon malfunctions and much more. The Liberator STT includes all the features of First Light USA’s ruggedly constructed mil-spec Strobing model, but with the added convenience and capability of a Task Light. Visit for more information.

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