The Mini (center) is shown relative in size to the standard FA556 suppressor (left) and a 5.56mm round (right).

When SureFire introduced their first suppressor in 2002, I was a little surprised. After all, they were, and are, a flashlight company. Having known SureFire’s President, John Matthews, for over 20-years, I should not have doubted him about the flashlights and was not about to make the same mistake concerning a line of suppressors. Since 2002, SureFire has garnered a large part of the military and law enforcement suppressor market.

The “Global War on Terror” has had a significant impact on the military, law enforcement, and the firearms industry. There has been a trickle-down effect that has benefited our troops at all levels. Special purpose items, such as thermal sights and satellite communications, are no longer reserved for just tier one and special mission units. Equipment that started life in the special operations community, such as the M4 and the Aimpoint, has been adopted and fielded by line units in the “big Army.” While all this was going on, the big Army suddenly realized what the spec ops community has known for years—suppressors serve an important purpose on the battlefield. At the same time, law enforcement realized that hearing protection was a major concern when running .223 carbines and .308 rifles.

SureFire is committed to providing a quality product for military and law enforcement. Their Mini 5.56mm suppressor fills a specific niche and does it in a mighty manner. On the range, the SureFire Mini was the perfect match for the LWRC PSD short barrel rifle.

To quote SureFire’s objectives, “All SureFire Fast-Attach sound suppressors provide crucial tactical benefits—they protect shooter and team members against permanent and temporary hearing loss preserving situational awareness and crucial communication; reduce and alter sound signature, concealing shooter’s position; reduce or virtually eliminate muzzle flash, concealing the shooter’s position and preserving night-adapted vision; reduce or virtually eliminate dust raised by muzzle blast, concealing shooter’s position and keeping his view unobstructed; reduce recoil, allowing bullet impact observation and faster follow-up shots.”

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The Mini (center) is shown relative in size to the standard FA556 suppressor (left)…