A small objective and overall size make the Mark 8 scope perfect for mounting on any AR platform. It keeps thing light, fast and night-vision-ready. SEAN UTLEY PHOTO

True tactical scopes, for many years, were a rarity and incredibly expensive. In 1995 or so that really changed, and a number of scope companies started to provide some alternatives.

Early on, it seemed like many of Leupold’s tactical scopes were just hunting scopes with big knobs. But as precision rifles of every flavor hit the market, the company designed new, better optics to match the demand. Now a high-end producer, Leupold’s new heights in design have even garnered the attention of the U.S. military. Recently, they’ve even won a contract from the U.S. Marine Corps for their new Mark 8 CQBSS Riflescope. But this premium scope is not just for the Marines—it’s perfect for the law enforcement community as well.

The use of a return-to-zero, or zero stop, makes for trouble-free deployment. The pinch and turn knobs stay put without the need for caps or covers. SEAN UTLEY PHOTO

Mark 8 Details
The Mark 8 CQBSS is a 1.1-to-8x first focal plane scope. Chosen by the United States Marines to be placed atop the M2 Browning .50 BMG machinegun and MK 19 automatic 40mm grenade launcher, it is incredibly rugged. Even though the contract is for bigger guns, the scope is just about perfect on any precision rifle for practical police applications. Leupold even includes a bullet-drop compensator (BDC) dial for the scope, which can be adjusted for alternative loads.

Mounted on the Kimber Model 8400, the Mark 8 provided all the magnification a police marksman might need—all while being lightweight.

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A small objective and overall size make the Mark 8 scope perfect for mounting…