SHOT Show in Las Vegas afforded us the opportunity to check out some of the hottest ammo products being released this year. One of the offerings that jumped out at us is Strategic Armory Corps brand Nexus Ammunition’s Match Grade ammo line for precision rifle applications, which uses “top-quality components and proprietary loading methods” to “achieve tolerances rarely seen even in hand-load applications, in our factory ammunition. The ‘Nexus Method’ incorporates quality control requirements not present elsewhere in the industry, often resulting in single digit standard deviation,” according to the company’s website. Check out the video above for more on Nexus Match Grade ammunition.

Nexus Match Grade Ammo

.223 Rem. 77gr Match – HPBT
.260 Rem. 139gr Match – Scenar HPBT
.300 Blackout 125gr Match – FBSP
.300 Blackout 220gr Subsonic Match – FBRN
.300WM 190gr Match – HPBT
.300WM 220gr Match – HPBT
.308 Win 168gr Match – HPBT
.308 Win 175gr Match – HPBT
.308 Win 175gr Subsonic Match – HPBT
.308 Win 220gr Subsonic Match – HPBT
.338 Lapua 250gr Match – HPBT
.338 Lapua 300gr Match – HPBT

For more information about Nexus Ammunition and their full range of products, please visit

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