Nightforce Optics has added a new reticle to its ATACR line of riflescopes for shooters looking at targets from extreme distances.

The ATACR is a riflescope with unprecedented long-range capability and image quality and the new MOAR-T reticle only makes things clearer. The MOAR-T reticle improves upon the original MOAR version.

The first version of the Nightforce MOAR featured 1 MOA elevation and windage markings, with more accurate range finding and hold-offs possible on smaller targets at longer ranges. Combined with a floating center crosshair, this makes for the MOAR extremely fast and easy to use in the field.

MOAR reticles in Nightforce 5.5-22x and 8-32x NXS models have a 20 MOA scale below centerline (at left). Reticles in 3.5-15x models have an additional 10 MOA scale below center.

When Nightforce customers asked for a finer version of the MOAR reticle for even more precision at incredibly long ranges, the MOAR-T was developed. The MOAR-T features .0625 MOA lines, with 1 MOA elevation and windage markings. It also allows accurate range-finding and holdover estimation at the longest distances with center illumination only.

The MOAR-T reticle will not cover up the target.

As for the ATACR itself, the 34mm tube allows 120 MOA/34.9 Mils of elevation adjustment — 20 percent more than the most capable NXS. Fully multi-coated ED glass results in light transmission values of over 90 percent, brilliant images and exceptional color contrast. A magnification range of 5x to 25x, and a wider field of view as a result of its unique optical prescription (17.96 feet at 5x) will cover virtually any situation a shooter could encounter.

All this power comes in a compact package, too, measuring just 14.3 inches in length. Nightforce’s patented ZeroStop is standard in the ATACR.

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Specifications for the ATACR Riflescope
Focal Plane: Second
Magnification: 5-25x
Objective Diameter :56mm
Exit Pupil Diameter: 5x: 10.52mm; 25x: 2.28mm
Field Of View: 5x: 17.96 feet (5.47m); 25x: 4.92ft (1.5 m) at 100 Yards/100 Meters
Eye Relief: 3.54 inches (90mm)
Internal Adjustment Range: 120MOA elev. 60MOA wind.; 34.9Mil elev. 17.45Mil wind.
Click Value: .250MOA / .1Mil-Rad
Tube Diameter: 34mm (1.34 inches)
Ocular Diameter: 44mm
Mounting Length:6.13 inches/156mm
Weight:38 ounces/1077 grams
Overall Length:14.3 inches/363mm
Reticles: MOAR, MIL-R
Illumination: Standard
ZeroStop Nightforce: Yes

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