NIVISYS Industries’ military grade night-vision system is now available for public purchase.

NIVISYS is a name new to many in the civilian market, but the company has been around for some time. NIVISYS makes an extensive line of ultra-quality military specification infrared, LASER, and night vision systems for military and law enforcement. Due to NIVISYS’ advanced technology, these systems have been restricted to government use, require proof of U.S. citizenship, and restricted outside the U.S. unless State Department approved.

Finally, NIVISYS has a system they can sell to civilians. It’s a Generation III unit designated MUM-14 (Multi-Use Monocular) that also meets all U.S. military specifications for combat use. Ideal for security and covert work, the MUM-14 is the smallest and toughest system of its kind available anywhere. It is designed for hand-held operation, helmet mount, head-mount, and firearm. As a head-mount unit, it affords users night vision while keeping their naked eye available for observation and/or gun-sight acquisition.

For use even in total darkness it features a built-in infrared flashlight emitting light only visible through the MUM-14. The MUM-14 uses a single AA battery for 20-plus hours of use or a single CR-123 three-volt battery for 40-plus hours of operation.

NIVISYS is making the MUM-14 available in a special package containing the MUM-14, quick detachable picatinney weapon mount and complete night-vision head-mount system. $3200 MSRP

Objective lens diameter: 27mm, 40 degree field of vision.
Width: 2.70″ (including on off switch and battery holder
Height: 1.95″
Length: 4.23″ (not including detachable rubber eyepiece)
Weight: 9.17 ounces
Moisture Resistance: Waterproof to 20 meters.
Some optional accessories: 3x & 5x magnifiers, camera adapter, hard carry case, surveillance system.
1 year

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NIVISYS Industries' military grade night-vision system is now available for public purchase. NIVISYS is…