Seeing what can’t be seen is now even better with the announcement of new powerful thermal technology from NIVISYS.

The New NIVISYS UTAM-32 Thermal Acquisition Monocular has been under development for 9-months. It is a very powerful ultra-compact hand-held observation and target acquisition device that may also be used as a stand alone observation device or a clip-on weapon sight.

SUPERIORITY: Thermal (infrared) sights provide the capability to observe suspects of interest through smoke, fog, bushes and other objects that otherwise may hide them from all other types of visual devices including Generation I, II, and III night vision devices.

WEAPONOLOGY: The NEW UTAM-32 offers significant advantages over the highly-effective NIVISYS TAM-14 thermal unit that is currently successfully fielded with law enforcement, the military worldwide and some private owners (the latter for hog population control in the South).

The UTAM-32 also has an easy to function operator push button manipulated menu driven electronic system giving the operator a choice of five sight reticles with 1/4M.O.A. elevation and windage adjustments. This feature makes possible precision short- and mid-range shots from any firearm. It may be mounted on a variety of units including a Picatinny rail. Coupling the UTAM-32 with the NIVISYS TLAM clip on visible and near IR laser unit results in an incredibly effective low-light/night fighting system.

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